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The idea of Bytes started with the realization of information flow and its decomposition to bytes.
Every single piece of digital information or signal that we send to each other is a composition of bytes, they are the atoms of our meta-lives.

With retro palettes, bright colors, and almost infinite possibilities of linear combinations of movements, I wanted to fit Bytes into a fixed collection in a kind of double paradox.

The fixed set of artworks will never produce more bytes than its storage capacity, but interactions with it or the blockchain will, indefinitely.

01 Genesis

_degenerative Genesis, is the first drop to come to the platform.

The pieces were born from a love of art and code. Bitcode Genesis was created by our founder and will be integral to the Bitcode Community.


Holding a Genesis NFT will give you access to the Bitcode DAO, providing you presale access to all Curated Artists in the future as well as staking and airdrop of the Bitcode Token.