bringing generative art to solana.

Our Story is a platform that is focused on bringing generative art to the Solana ecosystem. Bringing you highly curated pieces from the Artists you love whilst building a strong community.

‌In Generative art, the Artist's project is created using code. This code is then used to generate a 1/1 NFT just for you.

The beauty of Generative Art is that the possibilities for creation are limitless.
Each resulting image is different and created on the spot, sight unseen by the buyer, but consistent elements and repeating motifs join them all into a cohesive project.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to onboard the very best Generative / Algorithmic Artists into the Crypto Ecosystem.
Changing the lives of the artists and our community the same way it did ours.

We at believe in giving back.  
5% of all proceeds will be donated to Computer Aid. 
Helping to get technology in the hands of those in need. 

Computer Aid works to build a world where everyone has equal access to technology through sustainable IT solutions, providing access to high-quality equipment and education in the developing world.

By donating we aim to make a difference to the world over! 

Meet The Team